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10 Small business ideas to start from home

In this article, we will talk about small business ideas to start from home.

1. Laser phone repairs

In a previous episode, we told you about vacuum separators that can replace the glass on broken phone displays. Such a procedure saves nearly half the phone's cost, because replacing the broken glass only is much cheaper than replacing the entire display module.

This situation gives room for a profitable home business. With today's wireless charging technology, most phones are equipped with glass panels both at the front and at the back. And they all break easily, and need to be replaced.

Now we have special lasers for removing back glass covers and display frames at our disposal. They burn the adhesive through the glass and

make the process quick and painless. With such a space-saving laser, you can provide repair services for high-cost broken phones, or purchase broken phones, repair them, and sell them at a higher price.

10 Small business ideas to start from home

2. Cupcake bouquets 

What do most women love?

Flowers and sweets, of course.

We will tell you how to put it all together and make your beloved a little happier.

The idea is to make gorgeous bouquets of cupcakes. Such a gift will impress any girl. It's an excellent alternative to other edible bouquet options that sell well through social media pages. To save time, you can take store-bought cupcakes. Or you can bake them yourself, and, in this case, people will probably keep coming back to you, and you will have more customers.

For bouquets, you will need cupcakes, cream, application bags, skewers, decorative buckets, and balloons (that can easily be found online).

Look for customers online, receive an application, create a fresh and delicious bouquet in a short time, and send it to the customer.

3. Mini photo studio

The idea belongs to a foreign startup Foldio, led by professional photographers. It is about a folding mini photo studio, equipped with a dark and light background, high-quality lighting, and a rotating stand.

Using all this you can take high-quality photos under any conditions, whether at home or in any warehouse.

The cost of the smallest studio starts at $30. And as for money-making, there are several options. The first option is to buy such a studio, purchase a bulk batch of some product, take its photos, and do video reviews. Next, using the reviews obtained, you can resell the product at a higher price on the Internet.

The second option is to offer your city's entrepreneurs a high-quality digitization of their goods (make photos and videos) to generate sales online. You can do it right in their warehouses.

The best way is to arrange a partnership with the web design studio beforehand, so that you can provide customers with comprehensive services. Any entrepreneurs who sell outsized goods (watches, shoes, jewelry, confectionery, dishes, etc.) can be your customers.

4. Massage mats made of pebbles

The gist of this business idea is to manufacture and sell massage mats made of marine or river pebbles. Here is how you do it: take a rubberized carpet and cut it into any shape - round, rectangular, fish or flower.

You should have a drawing on paper so that it would be easier to implement your ideas with pebbles. Coat the base with eco-glue, and then glue the pebbles to it. In the final step, you can treat the mat with Varnish. The product obtained can be used as a great foot massager and can be placed in the bathroom.

This method is also used to make coasters for kitchen utensils, flower pots and many other things. You can also put a pebble mat at the front door or at the threshold in the hallway.

5. Decorative fireplaces

Quite a lot of people dream of having a fireplace in their house.

However, as you know, this is not exactly the cheapest pleasure.

So, the idea is to manufacture affordable faux fireplaces. The frame of such fireplaces is made of plasterboard, plywood or cardboard boxes. Then it is filled with putty.

For the hearth, we use charred and lacquered logs and LED lighting. To create a smoky effect, you can use a regular $5 steam generator from Amazon. You can easily find the first customers on social networks.

6. Photo mosaic

The idea is to make custom portraits that consist of hundreds of small photographs. You can gaze into such a portrait forever because it holds a lot of warm memories.This is why it is just an excellent gift and a business product with minimal cost and yet high value. Such portraits are created in Photoshop.

You don't have to be a professional to do this. In this article, you can find detailed video instructions that will help you create such a portrait for free. All you need to do after is print it out and send it to the customer.

Look for customers on Instagram and other social media. As with flowers, find people who have upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, and send an offer to their loved ones or family members.

7. Manufacture of 3D lighting fixtures

The idea is to produce 3D nightlights according to the customer's personal order (private and corporate gifts for holidays, individual design solutions in cafes, signs of discounts in shop windows, etc.).

You can easily make these fixtures at home. You will need a 3D printer, LED strips, and plexiglass.

First, you print the lamp body on a 3D-printer and put a LED strip inside.

Next, engrave a pattern on the plexiglass using a printer. Once this is done, you will only need to insert the glass into the backlit body and get the finished product. You can find customers on the Internet.

8. Spill paintings for interior design

The idea is to create and sell stylish paintings. You can make them by simply mixing the colors and pouring them onto the canvas. Each painting looks unique and is created in a matter of minutes.

Such paintings are best sold through social networks, whiteboards, exhibitions, and partnerships with designers. According to the designers, the cost of such paintings start at $200.

The painting should have cool, neutral shades, so that they could easily fit in with the house interior.

You can choose the shades individually, for instance, by asking the customer to take pictures of the interior and use the colors in the palette.

9. Fashionable handmade hats

The gist of the idea is in knitting winter hats using a special device. You can make hats in a few hours, even if you have no experience.

It can either be done by hand or on an automated machine. There is also special equipment for knitting socks. You can buy a knitting machine on Amazon or Aliexpress. And even resell them.

10. Tiered gift-box

The idea is to make gift boxes with lots of surprises inside. It would make a great gift for your loved ones!

You can make such gift boxes on your own. Draw lines on a sheet of cardboard and cut out two blanks: one for the box with the bottom and walls, and the other - for the cover, which will secure the walls at the top.

Then we mark out bigger pieces. As many as you need. Attach chocolates or candy bars on each of the box walls. Or, you can glue pictures, love messages, or anything else you like, instead of candy.

It's a simple but heartwarming trick: when the box cover is removed, the box falls apart and has another one inside. We open the next one, and the effect repeats. You can either make a regular square box or polygonal-shaped.

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